What time will the Raftaar Adventure transportation leave from Dehradun?

Raftaar Adventure will arrange for transportation from Dehradun Railway Station.The cab costsRs.6,300 which can accommodate 5to6 trekkers while the tempo costsRs.9,500.Thecost needs to be shared amongs tthe trekkers and paid to the driver directly.Raftaar Adventure transport can wait for maximum half an hour more if the train is late or any genuine issue faced by the trekkers.

What is the general temperature during the trek?

The temperature varies from 10degree celcius to 15 degree celcius during the day and-1degree celcius to 5degree celcius atnighton the Brahmatal Trek.

Who will arrangethe sleeping bags,tents,andotherbasicthingson thetrek?

Raftaar Adventure will arrangethetent and sleepingbagsforthetrekkers. The tents are custommade for expedition conditions and the sleepingbags canresist-15degreecelcius.

What are the alternatives for the BrahmatalTrek?

The Chandra shilatrek,the Dayara Bugyal trek,and the Kuari Passtrekare similar to the Brahmatal Trek and are good alternatives

Is this trek suitable for children?

Yes, but the minimum age limit for the Brahmatal Trek is 11years.Ifyour chil disphysically fit and can cover the distance of around5 kmperday,they can comeon thistrek. Please keep your self and your child well prepared for high altitudetrek