Be Aware Of Frauds Scam: Kedarnath Ticket Booking Scam

Kedarnath Ticket Booking Scam

Kedarnath Ticket Booking Scam: Kedarnath serves as a spiritual gateway amidst the enchanting Himalayas, thus captivating your attention. Kedarnath trek offers a divine and refreshing soul that makes your mind devoid of all worries. Moreover, the destination is considered as a special place, especially for Hindu devotees, as it offers a challenging but picturesque journey towards the holy shrine. Experience the awe-inspiring valley of Kedarnath surrounded by a myriad of snow-clad mountains, tranquil river, and lush green meadows, offering serenity to pilgrims. 

Most famous as one of the holy shrines under Char Dhams, and an abode of Lord Shiva. Experience the most ancient shrine and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, worshiped in the form of Swayambhu, that emerges from the ground itself. Embrace the pure blessings of the Lord and get rid of all your karmic debts. Also, experience the serenity that the trekking trail offers along with the shrine’s architecture, and the soothing yet tranquil atmosphere.

But, in this serene landscape, where devotees come in large numbers to seek blessings of Lord Shiva, you might not be aware of one scam – Kedarnath ticket booking scam. This scam plays with the trust and devotion of pilgrims, and affects the sanctity of the beautiful place. Let’s delve into the information of this scam and how to be aware of such deceitful actions. 

Be Aware Of Frauds Scam

Scam Operation Method

Kedarnath ticket booking scam is done through numerous channels, including on-site agents, online platforms, and through travel agents. You blindly trust the vendors, as they represent themselves as legal ticket vendors, and ensure to offer secured tickets to the sacred shrine. And, especially during peak season, this scam is at its verge, and the scammers lure numerous devotees into their trap.

It’s essential to crosscheck the information about ticket booking, or do beforehand, either for helicopter or Kedarnath room booking. Scammers make use of sophisticated strategies to trap pilgrims by making fake websites or by using fake booking agents that operate near the holy shrine. Scammers go to such an extent, like tricking the pilgrims into giving their financial and personal information, which might in future be misused. 

Impact Of Kedarnath Ticket Booking Scam

Consequences of being trapped into such a scam extend beyond monetary loss, as sentiments of pilgrims get hurt. It could lead into spiritual and emotional disappointment amidst pilgrims not able to continue their journey towards the shrine. Moreover, financial loss is high, in which pilgrims lose a significant amount of money to these scammers that seems to be devastating for pilgrims. 

And, this activity destroys the image of this place as one of the most sacred and holy places. In the end, the ticket booking scam disrupts the faith and trust of devotees, which raises a feeling of doubt over the process of ticket booking and the people associated in this process. So, in this situation, it is advised to stay away from these scams and always do the booking from authenticated platforms. 

How To Stay Away From The Scam?

Nowadays, the Kedarnath ticket booking scam is at its high verge and many pilgrims get trapped into this scam that devastates them emotionally and financially. Here are some steps that you need to consider to stay away from this fraud.

  • Authenticity verification – Before heading towards the booking process, ensure that you use authenticated and trustworthy channels. Check for the URL of the website, contact details, and official certifications.
  • Thorough research – Take out your time to check the reputation of the booking agency or platform that you desire to use. Search via testimonials and reviews from its previous customers to check its authenticity.
  • Be aware of fake calls – Be aware of any fake message, mail, or call regarding ticket booking, as authenticated vendors don’t use such tactics to lure the customers.
  • Protect personal information – Never share your personal details, like bank details or any other information with unauthorized sources. Authorized sources never ask for this information through some other channel. 

Skyhike offers guidance to you during the trekking journey towards the holy shrine along with the guidance on how to be aware of such types of scams. So, you can embark on the journey peacefully and enjoy the Kedarnath trek with full enthusiasm.


The Kedarnath ticket booking scam needs to be abolished, as it affects the pure sentiment of the pilgrims. On the other hand, you are required to stay informed and verify the authenticity of the platform from which you desire to book tickets. This could safeguard you against such frauds and ensure a tranquil journey towards the shrine. Select the best trekking company in Dehradun for your trekking experience, and enjoy the nature while staying away from such scams. 

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