Dayara Bugyal Trek: A Perfect Summer and Winter Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek: an awe-inspiring trekking trail that lies amidst Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, offering breathtaking vistas of surroundings. Experience the perfect combination of adventure, tranquility, and bliss of nature that leaves you speechless. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a beginner, this trekking trail is ideal for both summer and winter treks. Well-known for its scenic beauty and alpine meadows, this trek offers a memorable experience, especially for adventure and nature lovers. 

Trek starts from the picturesque village Raithal that offers exotic camping sites and dense forests. From this destination, you could embark on a heavenly journey enriched with oak dense forests, and at last reaching Dayara Bugyal, main point of the trek. Experience the calm place that blesses you with the beautiful experience of several blooming flowers along with sky-touching mountain peaks. Experience magical landscape transformation in every season, making it a most popular trekking destination. 

With its captivating natural yet scenic beauty and moderate difficulty level, this trek serves as an ideal adventurous activity for all trekkers. Grab the golden opportunity to immerse into the Himalayas that calm mind and soul. 

Trek itinerary

Embark towards the hidden gem of Uttarakhand, nestled at a height of 3,639 meters, offering exceptional rewarding experience. It serves as a perfect trekking destination for both summer and winter that offers an enchanting overview of the meadows and mountains. Let’s delve into its 4-5 day itinerary that offers a refreshing soul and mind. 

  • Dehradun to Raithal – Enroute to Raithal, a quaint village in Uttarakhand along with witnessing the scenic beauty of the calm rivers. Also, witness the lush greenery while you go via road.
  • Raithal to Gui – Experience the most gorgeous woodland route, enhancing your adventure level. Also, experience the camping sight that enables you to gaze at the starlit sky with no obstacles.
  • Gui to Dayara Bugyal – From Gui ascend towards the most astonishing trek, while traversing through thick and dense forests of oak. Grab the best Dayara Bugyal trek packages, and experience the alluring beauty of the place.
  • Dayara Bugyal to Gui and then to Raithal – Get back towards your starting destination after taking lots of memories of the trekking journey. 

Trekking during Summer

Summer season ranges from March to June, offering clear sky and mild temperature, making it the best destination for trekking. As the snow starts to melt, you could witness the lush greenery that offers suitable trekking journeys. Enjoy the pleasant weather with average temperature range, making it suitable for various outdoor activities. Summer fills your soul with refreshment, enabling you to forget about all your worries. 

Embark on a journey enriched with dense forests of Rhododendron, that offers exotic refreshment along with a huge range of species of birds. As soon as you travel to a higher place, you can witness the high snow-covered mountains. With its scenic beauty, you will be speechless. Moreover, it offers a perfect setting to camp under the open atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

During the day, temperature remains moderate during summers, enabling you to explore the surrounding areas and indulge in nature’s bliss. Capture various photos that always remind you of the journey. Also, experience a wide range of flowers in varying colors that blooms peacefully, thus offering calm vibes. 

Trekking during Winter

Winter season ranges from December to February, offering a majestic view of snow-covered mountains and trekking trails. During this season, temperature drops below freezing point due to heavy snowfall, thus making it challenging for trekkers. But, under proper guidance of Skyhike, you could enjoy the vast snow-covered landscape along with various winter activities.

During this enchanting season the entire landscape gets covered with snow just like a blanket, making it a winter wonderland. Experience a new yet charming that serves as a paradise for adventure lovers, especially those who love snow. Just grab on the crampons, and embark on the snowy trail under the guidance of professionals and experts. Experience a surreal atmosphere along with a chilly yet soothing breeze. 

Moreover, at night you could enjoy the bonfire with other trekkers, while sharing laughter around the bonfire. An ideal chance to explore more and to experience immense fun during the winter trek. Luckily, you could also witness Northern Lights that flicker over the night sky, adding mystical allure to your trekking experience. 


Witness the journey stacked with enchanting view and immense adventure, that offers ideal conditions for skiing during winters. Best trekking company in Uttarakhand ensures your safety during the journey, especially during winters when the terrain gets slippery. Embrace tranquility in the lap of nature, while witnessing a diverse ecosystem. So, pack up your bags with essential items, and get ready to enroute on an unforgettable journey to unveil the beauty of the destination. 

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