Food Options In And Around Kedarnath Dham

Food Options In And Around Kedarnath Dham

Food Options In And Around Kedarnath Dham: Hidden amidst snow-clad Himalayas, Kedarnath is not only a spiritual destination that evokes a sense of divinity amidst pilgrims, but it also offers various delicacies that excites pilgrims’ taste buds. While the pilgrims are on their way towards the holy shrine to fetch the blessings of Lord Shiva via Kedarnath trek, they are welcomed by a myriad of local dishes that display the rich aroma and flavors of the spectacular region. 

Kedarnath Dham, one of the Dham that comes under Char Dham is well-known for its picturesque beauty that memorizes visitors, especially trekkers. While, the major reason for visiting the place is spiritual, but to explore its local cuisine adds delight to your journey. Experience the serenity that the place offers along with refreshment of your soul. Moreover, the trekking trail offers you immense beauty of nature that leaves you speechless. 

Let’s delve into various food options available in and around Kedarnath Dham, that offer you a taste of the region’s culture and taste. 

Traditional Himalayan Dishes

Culinary richness of Kedarnath displays ancient culinary culture of Himalayan foothills, whose taste intrigues the pilgrims. Traditional cuisines like Kachmauli, Rajma, and Siddu that belong to this extravagant region displays real taste and local ingredients of the location. 

  • Rajma – A dish made up from kidney shaped beans that includes numerous flavored spices, enables you to offer a perfect meal after tiring trekking.
  • Kachmauli – Local lamb or goat is used for a special type of dish known as Kachmauli, that is perfectly marinated in spices and then cooked slowly to attain perfection, making it the most popular Himalayan dish.
  • Siddu – A type of steamed bread made up from vegetables, serves as a fulfilling and healthy meal option. 

Local Cuisines

To reach Kedarnath Dham, you require to trek and under the guidance of Skyhike, it would become easy for you. After entering the Dham, you could enjoy an array of delicious local cuisines that are made up from fresh local ingredients. 

  • Bhang ki chutney – This is made up from hemp seeds that offers a distinctive nutty taste, and creates magic when combined with flatbread or rice, making it a demanding vegetarian cuisine.
  • Aloo ke Gutke – It is a delicious potato dish with a spicy touch along with the addition of herbs and spices. It serves as a top pick amidst pilgrims, making it an unique Himalayan dish.
  • Gahat ki Dal – It is a lentil soup that is highly nutritious spiced with native herbs, that appears as a perfect blend of soul-warming and nourishing meal.

Sweet Delights

Kedarnath’s trip is not only a trip to achieve solace but also a trip to explore a feast of delicacies that delight your taste buds. Select the perfect Kedarnath trek package and embark on a journey that offers two in one delightful experience. 

  • Bal Mithai – This delightful dish serves as a traditional dessert made up from roasted khoya, that quickly melts in your mouth offering you a long-lasting creamy feeling.
  • Singori – Made up from grated coconut along with jaggery that covers some malai leaves, leaving your taste buds craving for more. It offers the perfect combination of freshness and sweetness to taste buds. 

Dining Amidst Alluring Nature

Pilgrims, especially trekkers who wander through uneven and hilly trails, grab the opportunity to experience stunning valleys, lush greenery, and snow-covered high mountains. Experience the delicious dishes in dhabas or small restaurants that lie outdoors amidst nature’s beauty, and offer a relaxing dining environment. At the same time, you could witness the tranquility and peace of the holy location. Moreover, in this environment every bite of cuisine enhances the delight of enchanting beauty. 


Exploring numerous food options in and around Kedarnath Dham is not just about satisfying your hunger, but it’s about indulging into its local culture and traditions. Whether you are savoring traditional cuisines or various street food items, every bite portrays a story of this spectacular region. So, as you go on a journey towards Kedarnath, don’t miss out the chance to experience the amazing flavors of the Himalayas. Moreover, your journey gets smooth and easy with guidance from the best trekking company in India.

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