Uncovering the Hidden Wonders Of Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek: A Comprehensive Guide

Uncovering the Hidden Wonders of Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek: A Comprehensive Guide

Located amidst Garhwal Himalayas, Ali Bedni Bugyal trek offers adventure seekers the most awe-inspiring beauty and hidden treasures of nature. A true gem for nature enthusiasts as it offers the serene view of calm lakes, alpine meadows, and lush green surroundings. Situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand – Land of spirituality, at an elevation of almost 3,354m above sea level, boasts of its vast range of ecosystem and soothing nature.

Embark on this exciting yet adventurous journey that stretches about 31km, and witness most of nature. Enroute on the most enchanting journey through the captivating villages, lush green forests, and a challenging trail. This ravishing trek enables you to experience two most stunning meadows – Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal, both offer diverse beauty and numerous unforgettable memories.

Moreover, it possesses various hidden secrets of beauty that come out after your visit to the destination. Unveil all these hidden secrets of beauty while trekking through the trail under the guidance of Skyhike, ensuring your safety and comfort all through the trek. Explore the most enchanting trekking destination possessing immense beauty.

Trek Itinerary

Embark your trekking journey from Lohajung, a small village nestled in Uttarakhand. From this beautiful place, the journey usually ends within 4-5 days according to your pace, which offers a majestic view of surroundings. Fortunately, you could experience local culture and can also interact with locals during your trekking. Let’s dive into trek’s route:

  • Rishikesh to Lohajung – Enroute to Lohajung via road, while witnessing the scenic beauty of mesmerizing landscape.
  • Lohajung to Didina – Begin your trekking journey from Lohajung and walk through the dense yet green forests along with Didina village, offering a peaceful stay.
  • Didina to Ali Bugyal – Embark towards Ali Bugyal alpine meadow, that introduces you with majestic Himalayas.
  • Ali Bugyal to Bedni Bugyal – Trek to another enchanting meadow called Bedni Bugyal while walking through lush green landscape. Bedni Bugyal possesses a sacred lake – Bedni Kund offering refreshing soul.

Then, descend down from the divine meadow towards the base camp with numerous memories of local culture and picturesque beauty.

Best Time To Visit Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Ali Bedni Bugyal

Planning to taste the thrilling trekking journey of Ali Bugyal and Bedin Bugyal? But, I’m not aware of the best season to visit. You can explore the trek in all four seasons as per your convenience and as per Ali Bedni Bugyal trek packages.

Although, the best time to explore the trek is during May to June when nature is full of life and flowers bloom in all its beauty. Another best time to visit the trail is between September to November, as during these months you could experience the ambient landscape with a warming atmosphere. Moreover, it seems best during the winter season, as it is covered with snow, especially for snow lovers. However, it is good to avoid visiting during monsoon, as it rains heavily and makes the trail excessively slippery.

Apart from this, have a look at a season wise guide to visit the trekking trail, and make your decision accordingly.

  • Winter – Winter season ranges from December to February, and serves as a paradise for trekkers who desire to experience snowy trails. Snowfall of December makes it a snowy landscape, and in January snowfall intensifies covering the entire trail with snow. February experiences a proper winter chill along with fresh snow.
  • Spring – Spring season ranges from March to April, boasting of its clear sky and some snow leftover. March serves as the best time to soak into the beauty of trekking, while April offers vibrancy in the landscape with the blooming of flowers.
  • Summer – It ranges from May to June and offers lush green landscapes. May offers glistening beauty, while June offers fresh vibes due to pre-monsoon showers.
  • Monsoon – It ranges from July to August, and this season is not recommended for trekking due to huge rainfall.
  • Autumn – Ranges from September to November, offering a serene atmosphere and less crowd. September offers changing colors, and October boasts off its vibrant sunset and sunrise, while November offers glistening appearance.

Highlights Of Trek

Trekking through the Himalayas is not only the journey of capturing memories, but also it is a voyage to bask in nature’s beauty. Explore some of the highlights or some facts of this trek, making your journey more exciting.

  • Mythological story – Trek starts from Lohajung, an enchanting village. As per locals, Goddess Parvati destroys the Lohasur demon, on which the village’s name is kept. It possesses immense beauty that captivates you.
  • Diverse ecosystem – Explore a wide variety of flora and fauna, ranging from oak forests to alluring Brahma Kamal. Blooming flowers makes this a heavenly paradise for trek enthusiasts.
  • Spiritual aspect – This trek trail is home to numerous sacred temples. Every 12 years, a holy procession is performed that signifies Nanda Devi Rath Yatra, offering calmness of soul. If you visit the trail during this time, you are lucky enough.
  • Witnessing Bedni Kund – Explore the calm Bedni Kund, possessing reflection of surrounding peaks, including Trishul and Nanda Devi peak. Experience a religious vibe in the atmosphere that surrounds the sacred lake.


The Ali Bedni trekking trail offers mystical beauty that soothes your eyes and rejuvenates your soul. Unveil the splendorous beauty of the trek with the best trekking company in India, that ensures safety of every trekker. Explore the enchanting meadows that leave a long lasting impression on your memory. Moreover, majestic mountains and green meadows welcome you whole-heartedly to embrace the true essence of nature.

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