Kedarkantha Trek: What Makes It The Most Popular Trek

Kedarkantha Trek What Makes It The Most Popular Trek

Engulfed with pine trees and the vibrant snow, Kedarkantha peak is considered as the most enchanting trekking destination across the world. Situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft above sea level, serves as the best winter treks, and is accessible in winters as well. This trekking trail of Uttarakhand offers a wide range of hurdles for trekkers. Apart from challenges, Kedarkantha trek provides a surreal experience of snow and dense forests even in the middle of winters.

An ideal journey for beginners and seasoned trekkers who desire to take some break from their hectic life. Experience serenity and adventurous trails along with alluring valleys that come across the journey. Moreover, the trek is highly in-demand due to its snow-covered mountain ranges and the trekking trail. Additionally, it offers an unforgettable yet memorable experience that lasts lifelong. Take a break of one week, and from that enjoy 4-5 days in trekking amidst the vibrant and snow-covered meadows.

Kedarkantha offers you the true essence of nature alongwith the majestic mountains. Let’s dive into the journey of discovering why this trek is highly popular in Uttarakhand.

Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary

Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary

Enjoy 5 days in the lap of nature, as the trek usually takes 5 days, while it could also extend due to some reasons. Embark on the journey from Dehradun towards Sankri via roadways, and explore the mystical beauty of nature. But, it is essential to move as per the trek leader’s instructions, and Skyhike ensures your immense safety. Explore its trek route.

  • Dehradun to Sankri – Sankri serves as the base camp of the adventurous trek, and you can reach the mystical place from Dehradun with help of a taxi or car.
  • Sankri to Juda ka Taal – En Route towards Juda ka Taal from Sankri while witnessing the alluring beauty of nature.
  • Juda ka Taal to Kedarkantha base camp – Head towards Kedarkantha base camp From Juda ka Taal, and experience the nature’s serenity that refreshes your soul.
  • Kedarkantha base camp to Kedarkantha – This serves as a long distance, but it offers enchanting views of surrounding locations. During this journey you could witness various other mountain peaks.

Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha Trek

Although this scenic trek could be done all through the year, and is accessible during winters also, due to its snowfall and vibrant snowy landscape. So, the best time to visit the trek is from December to February, offering you the golden chance to witness the snow-covered landscapes and to enjoy trekking on this path.
Moreover, this trek seems not too difficult and is an ideal route for beginners as well. Enjoy high-altitude during winter while witnessing the sunrise and sunset amidst snowy sky. During monsoon season, it is advised not to trek in this region, as the place experiences too much rainfall. Explore the majestic region, especially its snow-covered peaks.

Why Is This Trek So Popular?

Are you eager to go on a trek? Enroute towards Himalayas, especially towards Kedarkantha summit, as it offers much more alluring benefits. Embrace the perfect Kedarkantha trek package, where you could come across dense forests, frozen lakes, and diverse ecosystems. Explore why the trek holds too much fame amidst trekkers.

Alluring Scenery

This trek unfolds nature’s masterpiece, as you would be able to explore the sky-touching Garhwal mountains. And, the entire view of the surroundings makes your struggle to reach the summit worthwhile. As you travel through the serene valleys and dense forests enriched with a diverse range of flora and fauna, each step unveils a new look. Moreover, the surrounding peaks leave you speechless, offering you the glimpse of exotic beauty that dwells in your memory for a lifetime.

Snowy Paradise

Snowy Paradise

This adventurous trek stands out from other winter treks as it is the only place where you could easily experience snowy terrains and peaks even in April month. Enjoy fresh snow while coming across numerous exotic spots, including forests, valleys, and other spots. Also, it allows you to enjoy skiing over the snowy blanket, making you hyper excited. Moreover, the tall trees get covered with snow, making it a perfect picturesque endeavor.

Witnessing Diverse Wildlife

Kedarkantha trek trail lies amidst Govind Wildlife Sanctuary that treats its visitors with a wide range of flora and fauna. The place serves as a paradise for photographers, who love to capture nature and birds. The trekking trail serves as a home to various endangered species that you could come through.

Exquisite Camp Sites

Camping sites of the trek offer scenic views of the surroundings, as the snowy trail offers a breathtaking camping experience. Camping at Juda ka Taal offers a soothing yet refreshing experience, as you could experience the cool yet relaxing breeze. And, you could enjoy the starlit sky that offers a heavenly experience.


Experience unparalleled beauty of nature with help of the best trekking company in India, that leaves an indelible mark on your memory. Moreover, the trekking journey offers numerous chances for adventure lovers, and enables them to enjoy various sports while trekking, especially snow sports. It ensures a memorable journey with loads of discovery and joyful moments.

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